NMPCA Workshop:  Gallimaufry 2018

Ghost Ranch Retreat Center, Abiquiu, New Mexico

A 2-day Workshop, Thursday through Sunday, September 14-16, 2018

Below is information about the presenters at our 9th New Mexico Connections workshop.  Read more about the tradition of the New Mexico Connections workshops in this article on our online blog, The Slip Trail.  

Leonard Baca:   Sprayed Glazes and Engobes

Leonard will share his knowledge of sprayed glazes, how to mix, apply, and fire to get beautiful atmospheric, textured effects.  Participants should bring 1-3 small bisque pieces for a cone 6 glaze firing.  Those interested in sculptural surfaces will have the opportunity to try sprayed engobes with a light coating of clear glaze to brighten the colors or none to remain totally dry.

more about Leonard  and more

Gloria Gilmore-House:  Refining Thrown Forms

Gloria demonstrates how to shape wheel thrown pieces to give them that unique flair and "lift" that makes the work sing. 

Gloria says of her work in Clay:  "I am fascinated by the feel of clay, in the hand, on the wheel, in the recycling bin and when glazed.  I challenge myself to push clay in new directions: waiting for the right moment of softness or stiffness to exploit its limits.  Once fired and frozen in time, I appreciate the nuances of each piece as a result of the capricious nature of firings whether with wood, soda, gas or electricity."


Cheryl Hoagland: Freehand Faceting

In this presentation Cheryl will explore how you can use a cut-off wire to do a freestyle facet around a wheel thrown or slab built piece. It’s like drawing in three dimensions in air!
In the past 25 years Cheryl has explored everything she can about clay through classes, workshops and pure trial and error. This technique was first introduced to her in 2010 by Brad Schwieger, a professor at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. While not exactly his style, she has incorporated the technique into her work since then.

more about Cheryl


Andrea Pichaida:  Hand Building of Breathing Nests

Andrea will explain and show step by step how to make an abstract nest shaped sculpture by using her “enclosed air technique” to achieve the shape and to work and define the surface by carving and later perforate certain areas. Type of clay, tools and coloring will also be addressed as well as where get my inspirations from.

Originally from Santiago, Chile, Andrea lives and works as a studio artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She has served as professor at the Art School of the P. Catholic University, and has participated in many solo and groups exhibits internationally as well as been curator for exhibits.

more about Andrea

Sara D'Alessandro:  Dynamics of Working Small and Large  

Sara will discuss considerations for working with clay in different scale sculptures, small and large.  

Sara says of her work:  "I work in hand wrought clay, and with the resulting forms and the scale emerging from this process.  The process of forming is organic, and so resulting forms may resemble what are seen in Nature, but are not derivative of them. My hands form the clay: the clay informs my hands.  All sculptures are unique, begun from scratch." 

more about Sara         

Penny Truitt:  Exploring the Surface

Current sculptures address the idea of permanence and the futility of that concept. Disintegration is implied by the surface treatment - not only in the texture but also by the application of layers of underglazes and stains to further emphasize the intention.

My work is exhibited nationally and is included in many publications as well as in museum collections, and in the Capitol Art Collection in Santa Fe.

more about Penny
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