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Andrea Pichaida

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  • Enjoy
  • Flow
  • Growing Together
  • I Will Be A Yucca
  • Moonrise Over the Sandias
  • Night Glow
  • United We Are Strong
  • You Know Me Well

Artist Statement

For the love, passion and joy of working with clay
For the never-ending inspiration of nature and the human soul
For the love of life

The shapes of my sculptural work in clay are at once spare, suggestive and sensual, their lines and colors inspired by nature, their content speaking to experience both personal and universal. 
Shapes, forms, colors, surface and texture are worked, punched and drawn into the clay to give each piece a further depth and uniqueness. I want the viewer to get drawn into each piece by feeling connected to it through these features. My creative process starts with a vague idea scribbled on paper. Once I get my hands on the clay, a more intuitive journey begins where the idea, the process and the craft play a fundamental role.
As an artist I feel a deep commitment to make this world a better place with these little "nests" as I call them.

Contact Information

800 San Isabel Rd
Santa Fe, NM   87505

Website: www.andreapichaida.com

Email: andreapichaida@gmail.com

Studio open by appointment only.

Represented by Tierra Mar Gallery, 225 Canyon Rd. in Santa Fe


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