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Cricket Appel

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  • Vase: 13" tall -- Handbuilt Paper clay with china paints
  • Missouri Starlight: 10" tall -- Porcelain with Lennox gold luster and china paint
  • Desert Dance: 18" diameter -- Porcelain with luster and china paint
  • House with Attitude: 6"tall -- Mixed Media: Earthenware clay base, glass beads, glue

Artist Statement

The inspiration for the design and decoration of my work comes directly from 18th Century Sevres porcelain. The methods I use for the production of these pieces is very similar to those developed by the French. The major variation is the use of china paint decals rather than the hand-painted scenes on the French vessels.

The teapot and plate are slip-cast porcelain — the molds are original and made from carved plaster originals. The surface is entirely hand-painted with china paint. I silk-screen china paint decals for the remaining detailed decoration. These are applied in layers with firings between each layer. The gold is then applied and fired. Each vessel is fired at least 10 times.

The subject matter and patterns are a direct influence of the years I spent living in the Southwest, combined with my more recently acquired interest in quilting while living in Indiana. I enjoy the juxtaposition of the rough and tough desert landscape on such elegant vessels. Not unlike the women of the pioneer days who labored over their fabric patches, I found myself drawn into the patterns, images and composition of these works. Fond memories of my childhood overwhelmed me. Curling up at my grandmother’s house for a nap under her treasured “crazy” quilt. I remember dozing off having examined many of the small pieces of fabric and the elegant stitching. I create stories and scenes in my mind.

As I decorate these vessels, I find myself again focusing on each individual piece and fantasizing about what secrets it holds.

Contact Information

916 Sienna St. 
Traverse City, MI 49696
Email: cricketabq@gmail.com

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