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  • “Aftermath” She speaks to that moment when you take stalk after a trial. She is coil built with wire embedded before firing, then oxides, and a wax encaustic finish; 14”w x 12”d x 20”h
  • close up of “Spirit” About growing up in New Mexico. Coil built, surface treatment started by carving into the wet clay along with the use of engobes, and underglazes; 21”w x 8”d x 38”h.
  • “Encounter”, As a kid catching lizards, I forgot about having one in my pocket. I usually wasn’t the only one surprised. Coil built, carved, engobes, oxides, underglazes, and cold wax, 9 x 6 x 19”
  • “Flower or Am I Pretty” explores perception of women. Skinny, oval face, high cheek bones. Flower grows at top of head leading to a hollow. Coil built, underglazes, oxides, encaustic; 11”w x 8”d x 22”
  • “Island”, About women being defined by others. To reflect duality, construction is a white clay body then a red clay wash after the first firing; finished with wax encaustic. She is 13”w x 8”d x 23”h.
  • “Shaken”, She is in the midst of her ordeal. She is also coil built and finished with engobes, Amaco underglazes, oxides, using multiple firings. She is 11” W x 8” D x 13” H.
  • “Encounter”, As a kid catching lizards, I forgot about having one in my pocket. I usually wasn’t the only one surprised. Coil built, carved, engobes, oxides, underglazes, and cold wax, 9 ” W x 6” D x
  • Next is the Sculpture is “Spirit” in this shot you can see the whole piece. She has wire embedded before the first firing and finished with cold wax; 21”w x 8”d x 38”h

Artist Statement

Jacquita  Beddo, Abiquiu, New MexicoI am one of those people that love to make things. The child within me seems to still be dying to yell out “Look what I made!” Here is my dirty little secret though: I want people to buy my stuff. My biggest thrill is when someone is willing to hand over their cash to own something I made. It is a validation that is priceless.

I am involved with several different medias, but I love clay. The transformative power of the firing process is the kicker for me. I’m still amazed that the dried mud that went into the kiln comes out the other side as something solid and substantial. Kilns, both old school and new technology, intrigue me. My family likes to tease that I have a kiln habit.

Figurative sculpture makes up the majority of my work, but organic shapes also really appeal to me. Another thing that gets me going is making things that people use, so I also do some functional ware. My hope in that endeavor is to make pieces that will be treasured. I especially like to make square plates, bowls, and platters.

Not long ago I fell in love with saggar firing or fume firing. I’ve been playing with a torso pot that I call female vessels. The shape of course appeals to me but the organic nature of the fume fired surface is very exciting.

I’m also working on some colorful Abiquiu themed tiles. Abiquiu is a special place and everything from the landscapes to the animals that inhabit the area can evoke a sense of magic. These tiles are simply fun and that playful aspect come through in the tiles. Life is truly wonderful and magical here in Abiquiu, New Mexico and it is my hope my work is evidence of that.

Contact Information

Contact me for studio visit

     20 County Road 158, Abiquiu, NM 87510-1307

     email:  jbeddo@artbyjq.com

website:  www.artbyjq.com

Jacquita’s work can be seen at the following locations:

Abiquiu Inn: 21120 Highway 84, Abiquiu, NM 87510; 505-685-4378  

The Abiqui Studio Tour: Columbus Day Weekend  

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