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Luisa Baldinger

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  • Bowl Form. Hand built, aluminum foil saggar fired, Studio #148. 7X12X12 in.
  • Bowl Form. Hand built, stains and engobes, low fire, Studio #287. 4X16X11 in
  • Double-walled bowl form#156
  • Lidded Vessel. Hand built, beach coral handle, Studio #303. H. 9 in.
  • Lidded Vessel. Hand built, found wood handle, aluminum foil saggar fired. Studio #228. H. 16 in.
  • Pinch pot. Hand built, aluminum foil saggar fired, Studio #282. H. 7 in.
  • Vessel, Hand built, aluminum foil saggar fired, Studio #183. H. 11in.
  • Vessel. Hand built, aluminum foil saggar fired, Studio #329. H. 9 in.

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Luisa Baldinger, Santa Fe, NM

A maker of containers all of my life in clay, I am intrigued by volume, negative/positive space, and complex surface, and work to have these elements orchestrate into a satisfying three-dimensional “vessel” idea.  At this point, my vessels are simply sculptural forms, vehicles for the exploration of color, surface, movement in three directions. Inspiration comes from rocks and root pieces found in the back arroyos, tide-tumbled fragments of coral on a beach, plant parts, and geological elements.  I imagine that these vessels might have been unearthed in an archeological dig somewhere, relics from an ancient culture, giving rise to questions about that culture: who were the folks who made these pots?  What were they thinking? What ancient contents did these vessels hold? 

Contact Information

Studio location: 880-b Chicoma Vista, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Studio visits by appointment. Please call 505-471-9070

Email address: willettbaldinger@gmail.com

Website: willettbaldinger.com


Taos Blue Gallery, Taos, NM. info@taosblue.com

Calliope, Madrid, NM. CalliopeMadrid.com

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