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Mary Sharp Davis

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  • Together couples urn -- 14x11x11" -- cone 6 stoneware oxidation, slip trailed and thrown -- $600
  • Reliquary Urn -- 22x11x6" -- cone 6 stoneware oxidation with post fire metallic finish -- $650
  • Ethnographic pendant -- 2x3.5" -- oxidation fired, glazed, cone 6 with ethnographic and glass beads -- $120
  • Ethnographic pendant -- 3x3" -- cone 6 stoneware with post fire metallic finish, ethnographic handmade beads -- $110
  • Ethnographic pendant -- 2x3.5" -- oxidation fired, glazed, cone 6 with ethnograEthnographic Pendant -- 1.5x3" -- hollow, cone six stoneware with post fire finish, ethnographic beads
  • Flight -- slip trailed urn with sculpted handles and lid -- 13x11x9" -- cone six oxidation, stoneware -- $400
  • Muse of Music -- 13x6x2.5" -- cone 6 stoneware, post fire patina -- $300
  • Of This I Sing -- 16x7x4" -- painted,cone 6 stoneware with natural objects stoneware crow

Artist Statement

There is nothing like the smell, texture and moistness of clay in one’s hands…It is sumptuous! It is such a sensuous experience. I have been playing with it for years and there is never any end to what it teaches me and boundless avenues one can explore with it. I am getting ready to launch an urn series in 2009 for commercial production which will consist of both low fire, painted “green”  vessels that will degrade once buried and high fired glazed pieces for home or mausoleum installations. After launch I will still afford to languish in creating my altars and shrines and/or wherever my hands and muses take me. Such a lovely journey this is.

Contact Information

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Email: maryhands@comcast.net

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