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Retro -- 16" tall -- Raku fired Ceramic Wall Clock -- $195

Artist Statement

I have been working with ceramics for several years, throwing on the wheel, hand building and combining the two. However, I have recently become energized by the making of Raku clocks.  I love to take the extreme order of a clock face, surround it with chaos, and yield it to the unpredictability of the Raku firing process.  The “chaos” is made from orderly geometric shapes such as circles, lines, triangles, and coupled with irregular shapes and textures.  The Raku firing introduces metallic flash areas and color variations that are all colors of the rainbow.  I am always excited to see what the final work will look like.  Certainly, no two are the same and I like that.

Contact Information

7505 Via Desierto NE

ABQ, NM 87113

Email: pjgreen1@comcast.net


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