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sheena cameron

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  • Ode to Georgia O Keeffe, Raku, mixed media 9" by 16" by 4"
  • Rhiannon and Her Three Magical Birds, raku, quartz crystal and mixed media, 10" by 16" by 4"
  • Rhiannon and Her Three Magical Birds, raku, quartz crystal and mixed media, 10" by 16" by 4"
  • Protection Under the Thirteen Moons, 8" by 19" by 13", raku and under glaze shell, oxide colored stoneware body
  • You Got a Problem With My Hat?, slip and oxide colored earthenware 22" by 16" by 11"
  • Animals of the Zodiac, 11" by 16" by 6" raku, oxide staining and over glaze
  • Pixie Riding His Pony, oxides, slips, over glazes and underglazes. 8" by 12" by 5"
  • Centaur With a Turtle Shell of Protection, oxide colored stoneware, mixed media

Artist Statement

Sheena Cameron standing by her work for scaleWhile never intending to work primarily with the form of the horse, it turns out to be perfect for what I am trying to do with my work. They are allegorical and give me the opportunity to add gemstones for the mane and tail. The symbolism of the horse itself is so fitting for the problems of the modern world. Horses survive and thrive by living in community and being extremely sensitive to their surroundings. They are teachers and healers. Most of them open to reveal the inner life, the unseen realms. I thought I wanted to make sculpture, not pottery, but realized most of the objects I am making are containers. They seem more and more to be exploring the Sacred Feminine.  This has led me to my newest work – the Goddess series of Horses. I am trying to rediscover and bring to the surface the teachings and archetypes of the Goddesses of old. Clay seems like a perfect medium for this. The mixed media horses come with a miniature ‘book’ that gives the title of the work, lists the stones and added elements, what they mean symbolically,  the theme and other interesting information.

Because I am on the main Rd between Espanola and Taos, I operate my work space as a studio gallery. I am open every day whenever I am working. This seems to me like most of the time but it is best to call ahead.

Contact Information

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Rare Earth Studio Gallery

2235 N.M. 68

Embudo (Rinconada), New Mexico

505 579-4500 

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