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Artist Statement

Art is not a thing, it is a way.”  Elbert Hubbard, founder of the Roycrofters (1856-1915)

Steve BlakelyMy work is influenced by aesthetics of the late 1800’s “Arts & Crafts Movement” sometimes referred to as “Craftsman” or “Mission” styles.  Potters from that era that have inspired me are Adelaide Alsop Robineau, George Ohr, Frederick Hurten Rhead, Artus Van Briggle and others.  The design aesthetic I developed was also from years of collecting early 20th century art pottery.

I learned to make pottery recently although it had been deep in my subconscious for years.  I was taught by John Fulwood of Kissimmee River Pottery, his studio is in the historic Fulper Pottery building (circa 1899-1929) in Flemington, NJ.  I always felt it was serendipitous to learn alongside the huge old and still standing kilns in that historic pottery building.  Finally able to exercise my creative side, making pottery has become an enriching and emotional experience. 

Inspiration, passion, and familiarity with vintage art pottery roughly develops the character of my vessels.  Unlike many potters I do not have a preconceived final design when I throw a vessel on the wheel, in contrast my preferred method is to throw and then allow the vessel’s shape and intuition “guide” me to a final design creating each time a unique piece.  An unusual organic methodology, but for me satisfying for the creative soul.  My design “toolbox” uses architectural and conventionalized organic designs often altering the vessel by adding or removing clay, sometimes utilizing faux-bois (false wood) techniques.

My work is generally non-functional stoneware or porcelain, glazed in matte or semi-matte glazes mixed in my home studio to emulate glazes of the “Arts & Crafts Movement.”  Earlier work was gas fired reduction cone 10, current work is electric oxidation cone 6.  I am a juried Roycroft Renaissance Artisan and I live in Rio Rancho, NM. 

Contact Information

Glydcraft Art Pottery    

Website: www.gyldcraft.com

Email: sandbrook@earthlink.net 

Past Shows and exhibitions:

National Arts & Crafts Conference, Asheville, NC  www.arts-craftsconference.com

Roycroft Summer Fest, East Aurora, NY 

100 American Craftsman, Longport, NY

Placitas Holiday Show, Placitas, NM 

Jemez Artisans Co-op Gallery, Jemez Springs, NM

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