Instructions for Studio Tour

If you are a member of NMPCA, you can join the studio tour. It's easy, low cost, and provides an excellent reference to your work on the internet at If you are already a regular member, go to your profile on this site and upgrade to Studio Tour level.  Click on the button that says "change membership level" and follow the instructions.  There is an extra $15/year charge .  

Benefits of Studio Tour Participation


Your work is available to view on the internet so you can refer friends, family, buyers, and the general public. You can list the NMPCA Studio Tour on your business card:


If you have a website, the studio tour can link to your site, providing greater coverage and increasing your chances of being found through search engines.


You help show visitors to the NMPCA site, the breadth and depth of pottery and clay art available through members.


The studio tour is linked to common visitor sites and search engines, so that knowledge of your work and increased sales can result. Many people use the internet to research their vacations, so an internet presence is good advertising, if you are selling your work. A map shows where you are located so when people plan their visit, they can contact you if they are going to be in your area.>

What is the Studio Tour?

The studio tour is a website featuring the breadth and depth of ceramic art being created by the members of the NMPCA.  Each artist has one page with up to eight images of work and a portrait image.  The format shows thumbnails at the top of the page.  The viewer clicks on the thumbnails to view a larger image and description. The page also contains a short artist statement, and contact information, optionally including studio address and phone, website, and email address.  A map shows a pin with each  studio location.  Carefully selected categories and key words are mapped on the site for searching.  These categories include your location, style, method, effects and specific content of your work.  An events page includes upcoming shows, workshops, classes and art fairs where participants can be seen.  Extensive search capabilities on the website make it easy for visitors to review and find work of interest. 

Prepare Studio Tour Materials

Here's a detail article with instructions to prepare your images.


Prepare up to 8 digital images of your work. You can also send an additional image of yourself in your studio. Knowing what you look like gives people a more personalized view in the virtual studio tour. The images must be digital, and professional quality. We reserve the right to reject images that are not high quality.

Work should be shot against a plain background. The images should reflect RGB color balance to accurately portray your work and should be clear and sharp.  Size each image 800 pixels tall and up to 1000 pixels wide. It works best if all your images are all the same pixel height.  Too small an image is as bad as too large an image. 

Please name the image files you send us:  Name the jpg files with your LastName+FirstName, underline, and a SHORT tag of the description or title of the piece: Example, NelsonJudy_Bowl1.jpg. Do not put spaces or punctuation in the file name; use proper case.


Contact information: Name, address, phone number, email address, and website address. Let the webmaster know if there is any of this information you DO NOT want listed on the site. If you sell your work, include information about where to find your work and how to arrange for a studio visit. If you are listing shops, galleries, etc., be sure to include the address for their website, but only if the website has your information on it.

Map location:  Indicate a physical location of your studio to be put on the map: street, city, state and zip.

Description of each of photo:  The description should include

  • name of the image file for this work
  • title of the work
  • size
  • method description such as firing method, materials, techniques
  • price (optional)

Artist's statement:  3-5 paragraphs describing your method of working, inspiration, or information to make you interesting to the viewers. The statement should be approximately 250 words in a narrative style.

Categories or keywords:  Review the categories on the existing website.  Indicate which categories you feel describe your work best.  Also, indicate 2-10 additional keywords that describe your work, the content, or yourself as an artist.  

Send Your Information

Send the images and information via email attachments to Judy Nelson-Moore, the NMPCA Studio Tour Webmaster, at Specifications for the images and information are above. Please note particularly if you are working on a Mac, but all images must be sent as full-size (as prepared according to instructions above) attachments, not in-line in the message and not reduced size.  Information should be sent as a document or text attachment or in-line in the message.  If you have any questions about how to prepare or send the images, call the webmaster at (505)466-3070 for assistance.

Updates to Existing Page

You may add/substitute images, change the artist statement or any other information as often as you need to.  Please do send upcoming events as soon as you know about them.  When doing updates, prepare and send as described above.

Additional Information and Instructions

The cost of having a page in the Studio Tour is $15/year.   Below we describe how to get signed up.  Once you are signed up, proceed to prepare your information and images, and send according to the instructions above.  Please realize that it is your responsibility to prepare and send your information.  We cannot provide any refunds for partial or non-participation. 

For Existing Members

If you are already a studio tour level member, simply prepare your information and send as described above.

If you are a regular or student member now and have already paid your dues for this year (within the last 11 months) as a regular or student member, change your membership level to "Add Studio Tour" by going to your profile when logged in to this website.  Pay the additional $15 through paypal on the site or send a check for $15 to NMPCA to the membership director, per the instructions online.  This payment will activate your studio tour membership through your next renewal date. 

If you are within one month of annual renewal, simply change membership level to "Studio Tour"  or Student Studio Tour during the renewal process.

For New Members 

Simply join NMPCA at the Studio Tour level.  If you are a full-time student, you can join as a Student Studio Tour.


We call ourselves the NMPCA

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