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Merlene Walker

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  • Bells: Handbuilt stoneware bells 3”x3”x3” $30
  • Goddess: Handbuilt stoneware goddess 20”x6”x6” $220
  • Pot1: Thrown stoneware pot 6”x6”x6” $55
  • Queenforaday: Stoneware Sculpture 15”x12”x6” $400
  • Totem1: Stoneware totem 26”x6’x6’ $450
  • Totem2: Stoneware totem 18”x4’x4” $290
  • Woman: Stoneware sculpture 15”x12”x6” $300
  • Womanbutterfly: Stoneware pot 7”x5”x5” $95

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I always had a hunger to explore my creativity. However, it wasn’t until my adult years that I acted upon it.  After years of taking art classes, with the help of "The Artist Way" workshop, I took a leap of faith and left my corporate job to pursue a degree in ceramic art. During college, I was certified in Precious Metal Clay by Tim McCreight.  I wanted to combine my love for teaching and exploring creative possibilities for myself and others. I did this by teaching Metal Clay and Creativity Workshops for over 20 years.  I had taken multiple clay workshops over the years but did not commit myself to my first love, which was ceramics, until my move to Santa Fe. This has presented more rewarding (and difficult) challenges than I would ever have hoped for. The tools I acquired along the way are still the ones I turn to today to help me remain centered and creative.

Currently I am focused on developing sculptural garden art as an expression of my appreciation of the New Mexico landscapes. I remain stimulated by museums, nature, books, and classes of all kinds. But my favorite stimulation is the exchange of ideas and experiences with others. I can process my own thoughts more clearly as I listen to others share their experiences. Classes provide the perfect venue for this exchange and working in clay allows me to explore this exchange in a physical sense.

 I maintain memberships in the New Mexico Potters and Clay Artists, Eldorado Arts and Crafts Association and the Taos Ceramic Center. Serving on the Board of NMPCA has allowed me to participate in a community of clay artists, fulfilling both my craving for constructive feedback and a safe place to explore my art.

Contact Information

email: mwalker@alchemygroup.art

studio open by appointment: 


Website:  www.alchemygroup.art

Ahmyo River Gallery

652 Canyon Rd.

Santa Fe, NM  87501

Website: www.ahmyorivergallery.com


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