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Karin N. Bergh

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  • Baskets W: 4.0 x H: 3.25 x D: 4.0 $40.00 each, cone 6
  • Cats Playing plate W: 10.0 x D: 10.0 x H: 0.5 $80.00, cone 04 (Majolica)
  • Coyote Plate W: 9.5 x D: 9.5 x H: 1.0 $80.00, cone 6
  • Horse Plate W: 12.0 x D: 5.5 x H: 0.5 $70.00, cone 6
  • Salt fired tea set incl. 4-5 cups (not pictured) $285.00, cone 10-11
  • School of Fish W: +/- 15.0 x H: 12.0–17.0 $75.00 ea., cone 6
  • Polar Bear plate W:10.0 x D: 10.5 x D: 0.5 $80.00, cone 6

Artist Statement

I find that there is nothing more satisfying than to make a cup or bowl that fits well in the hand – as well as in the dishwasher, the oven or on the dinner table. My inspiration comes from the places I have lived: Germany, Sweden and Santa Fe. My grandmother and mother, both from Santa Fe, had exquisite taste in decorating and entertaining; they brought me up in a home filled with color, intriguing textiles and tableware. I like to think that these two women’s eclectic and artistic talents rubbed off on me.

Karin has been making ceramics for over thirty years. Self-taught in the beginning, she then became an apprentice to Wilhelm and Elly Kuch in Germany, completing a three year program and receiving a certificate from the German Ceramics Guild. She spent many years traveling and working in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden and is fluent in several languages.

In her Santa Fe studio, Karin works in a variety of clay and glazing techniques, including hand painted majolica.

Contact Information

KnB Pottery
     8 Calle Jacinta, Santa Fe, NM 87508

Tel. 505-982 3203

email: karinbhall@gmail.com 

website: www.knbpottery.com

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