2 Celebration of Clay Tasks 2020

  • 15 Jan 2020
  • 24 Sep 2020
  • various


  • Call volunteers to explain duties, arrange timing, and follow-up to confirm performance of tasks. Make sure everything is done, do jobs not anticipated. Telephone meetings with other committee members.
    Perform Date: 2/1-9/24
    Perform location and conditions: Home, long-distance telephone, email, internet sharing
  • Prepare digital images sent by participants, post images and text on WordPress website. Training and directions from website manager.
    Perform Date: 6/27-7/5
    Perform location and conditions: Home, good internet connection and large monitor. Ability to type, use internet software.
  • Working with Video coordinator, create, edit and post short videos about individual artists or about the show. Post on facebook, instagram, and/or the website.
    Requires: Knowledge or experience in creating and editing videos.
  • Send press release and images to publicity sources or post to online posting service. Call sources subsequently and arrange for interviews, articles, postings.
    Perform Date: 7/5-8/15
    Home, email, telephone, internet
  • Enter publicity announcements of show COC Instagram account
    Perform Date: 5/1-9/25
    Perform location and conditions: home, internet
  • Pick up artwork at Albuquerque and Santa Fe collection points, transport to FLAC, carry into FLAC. May also transport pedestals.
    Perform Date: 7/27
    Perform location and conditions: Albuquerque and Santa Fe collection points and FLAC. Need truck or van. Need two for Santa Fe and two for Albuquerque
  • Transport pedestals from Albuquerque collection point to FLAC.
    Perform Date: 7/25
    Perform location and conditions: Albuquerque collection point to FLAC. Need truck or van or trailer
  • Apply paint to pedestals to insure clean, consistent look, as needed.
    Perform Date: 7/25
    Perform location and conditions: FLAC
  • Receive boxes of work. Check against printed inventory and note differences. Make sure work is in acceptable condition. Unpack work
    Perform Date: 7/27
    Perform location and conditions: FLAC
  • Setup the show at FLAC. Arrange pedestals and pieces.
  • Coordinate with FLAC personnel. Contact people bringing food, determine what items will be served, ensure people serve and cleanup. Reception is 7/31, 5-7 pm
    Reception will be limited to water only. This task not needed.
  • Purchase and deliver or water bottles for reception.
    Perform Date: 7/31
    Perform location and conditions: Home and FLAC
  • Monitor Admission to the reception, limit entry to number of people allowed, make sure masks are worn, take down/check off names for contact tracing. Encourage social distancing.
  • Arrange food, replace food as eaten, clean-up area after reception
    Perform Date: 7/31
    Perform location and conditions: FLAC
  • On-line votes only. Receive list of votes from webmaster and count by entry to determine People’s Choice winner. Contact webmaster and to publish.
    Perform Date: 9/19-9/20
    Perform location and conditions: Home. Organizational skills. Minor math skills. Ability to use spreadsheet.
  • Write an article before or after the opening to review the show for the Slip Trail. Incorporate pictures. Contact webmaster to publish on thesliptrail.com
    Perform Date: 7/31-9/15
    Perform location and conditions: Home, good internet connection, writing skills. See show on internet or in person at FLAC.
  • Repack artwork, check paperwork, determine sales, dismantle exhibit, clean gallery, load work and pedestals into return transport.
    Perform Date: 9/20
    Perform location and conditions: FLAC. Ability to carry and pack work, carry boxes and move pedestals.
  • Provide truck or van, carry boxes of art and drive from FLAC to Albuquerque and Santa Fe collection points.
    Perform Date: 9/20
    Perform location and conditions: FLAC and Albuquerque and Santa Fe collection points. Need truck or van.
  • Transport pedestals from FLAC to donor or collection point.
    Perform Date: 9/20
    Perform location and conditions: FLAC to participant homes or collection point
  • This job is for someone who is flexible to fulfill different positions and willing to be called on where we find a need...something we didn't anticipate in advance or where no one else can help.
    Thank you!
  • I am unable to perform any tasks for this show, but in order to support the effort, I will contribute to the expenses of the show.


Who does the work of presenting the Celebration of Clay?  Your hardworking Celebration of Clay Committee and...YOU!  

Sign-up for Tasks here.

The Celebration of Clay has been postponed to July 31st through September 19, 2020.  The dates for the individual volunteer tasks have been adjusted.  

Make your entry to the show itself in the event Celebration of Clay:  Perspectives below.  

It takes the combined effort of a lot of people to present the annual Celebration of Clay.   We make it easy for you to decide how you can help and sign up.  You select one or more tasks that you want to perform by "registering" for a job here on this event.  Just choose a "new registration" to sign up for an more than one task.

We can't put on the annual Celebration of Clay exhibition without a lot of effort on the part of our members.  There are tasks that are widely varied in the times they are to be performed, the skills required, and the location.  Several can be done at home. Several are contiguous on the same day and place, making it easy to sign up for two tasks or flexible if your time is limited.  

If you absolutely cannot perform any of the tasks, but still want to participate in the show, would you be willing to contribute to the expenses of the show?  You can do that here...select the final "task", number 20, in this registration.    

Click on "Register" to Review all Tasks and To Sign Up To Help. Register button is on left side of this page.

It is important that you review all the jobs and the details of what is involved, the perform date, and the location and conditions.  Click "register" button at left of page, enter your email address, click "next", and scroll down on the list to see all the details.  

To sign up for a task, select the task, and follow the prompts.  

Signing up for each task is limited to the number of people needed for that task.  If there is a task you really want to do, but it is already fully taken, you can sign up for the waitlist on that task.  If someone can't do their job, we will ask you to step in.  Or, sign up for task #21 and we'll find a job that we didn't anticipate for you to help with.

This year the Celebration of Clay exhibit will be at the Fuller Lodge Art Center, or FLAC, in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Thank you so much for helping put on this show!  

If you have any questions, contact the COC Show Committee:


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