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Celebration of Clay 2020:  Perspectives

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Our annual all-member Celebration of Clay exhibition was held in Los Alamos, New Mexico at the Fuller Lodge Art Center from July 31, 2020 to September 19, 2020.  In view of the COVID-19 pandemic in progress, we introduced the exhibition in video opening.  Several members prepared special videos for the exhibition.  Please enjoy the gallery of works in the show below.

59 photo(s) Updated on: 04 Jan 2021
  • Lee Akins: Bronze Bottle w/Open Foot
  • Andrea Pichaida: "Never Stop Dancing"
  • BEST of SHOW. Andrea Pichaida: We Are All In This Together
  • Leonard Baca: Stalagmite
  • Barbara King: Twisted vase
  • Jacquita Beddo: Veiled
  • Elaine Biery: Rocky Mountain High
  • Steve Blakely: Waterfall Vase
  • Carolyn Stupin: Africa
  • Carolyn Stupin: Watching
  • AWARD of MERIT. Christine Evans: Luna
  • AWARD of MERIT. Sara D'Alessandro: A Covid Reality
  • Darla Graff Thompson: gaps in the universe
  • Diane MacInnes: Love & Separation
  • Eileen Gorman: Range
  • Elaine Biery: Rocky Mountain High
  • Frank Willett: Bowl form
  • Frank Willett: Bottle
  • Gloria Gilmore-House: Floating Through the Universe
  • Hannah Mora: A Dragon's Kiss
  • Cheryl Hoagland: AahChoo
  • Cheryl Hoagland: We Can Do This
  • Jan Archey: Flower Tower
  • Jenna Ritter: untitled
  • Jennifer Lowell: Coyote’s World
  • Joey Serim: Cape Memory
  • Judy Nelson-Moore: Planta Suculenta
  • Judy Nelson-Moore: 2020 Shring11 x 6.5 x 1.5; cast paper clay elements, fume-fired skulls, glazed cone 01; $350
  • AWARD of MERIT. Kari Rives: Yuri
  • Kat Richter-Sand: Earth Song Sonata
  • Barbara King: black vase
  • Lee Akins: Bronze Bottle w/Open Foot
  • Lee Akins: Covered Jar
  • ARITA AWARD for BEAUTY, QUALITY, FUNCTIONALITY. Leonard Baca: Into the Blue Hole
  • Lisa McEneaney: Helix Nebula
  • Liz Hunt: Untitled
  • Jennifer Lowell: EL Gran Remiendo - The Big Mend
  • Luisa Baldinger: Bowl form
  • Luisa Baldinger: Lidded Vessel, Found Wood Handle
  • Diane MacInnes: Perspectivas Sobre la Pandemia
  • Maggie Towne: America Is A Gun
  • Maggie Towne: The Potter
  • Marilu Tejero: Pimachi Kero
  • Melissa Alexander: Desert Coil
  • Hannah Mora: Winter frost
  • Charlotte Ownby: Hope
  • Randy Summers: Bosque Memories
  • Rhonda Main: She Who Remembers Herself
  • Jenna Ritter: repose
  • Kari Rives: Hope the Panda
  • Randy Summers: Bosque IV
  • Randy Summers: Bosque IV
  • Cirrelda Snider-Bryan: Ode to the Ditch
  • Sue Baum: People's Choice Award: Everyday Kimono of my Memories
  • Svetlana Kirillova: Vase
  • Svetlana Kirillova: Wood teapot
  • Michael Thornton: Dreaming Saguaro
  • Tomas Wolff: Egret in the pond.

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