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Judy Nelson-Moore Ghost Ranch Scholarship  

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Judy at Ghost Ranch with her hands in clay...of course.

Judy Nelson Moore

At the February 2023 Annual Meeting, we honored our longtime board member and friend Judy Nelson-Moore  by announcing that we named the scholarship fund after her. In her twenty-plus years serving NMPCA on the board, her most favorite focuses were education and Ghost Ranch. Thus it was a natural decision to name this scholarship after her. She was thrilled beyond our hopes to receive this recognition.

here is a interview with Judy

Apply for Scholarship:

Give us a few paragraphs or one page of information about you and your pursuit in ceramics.  

Deadline to apply for the scholarship July 30, if you miss the deadline it will move the following year.   

The scholarship is to attend our annual workshop in the summer or fall of each year, it includes workshop fee and  room & board.

Mail to:

NMPCA Ghost Ranch Scholarship
c/o Leonard Baca
PO Box 26811               
Albuquerque, NM  87125

Or email to:  Leonard Baca 

Donate to support more students and keep the scholarship strong into the future:

Thank you notes  the 2023 Annual 

I met Judy the first time at the Anita Fields workshop. Her work, her spirit and sense of humor were inspiring. After working with her on Clay Forward, taking two workshops from her, I have the deepest respect for her, both as an artist, person and friend. Happy Retirement, my friend! —Mo (Merlene Walker)

Judy Nelson-Moore has been the heartwood of the NMPCA for the length of my association with this organization. She has patiently guided me through the technical shoals of learning to do the eNews on two different platforms. When my behavior has bordered on the adolescent, she has remained patient and outwardly calm. I thank her for her knowledge, patience and willingness to assist. I hope she will remain in reach when we need to tug on her sleeve. Thank you Judy. —Sara Lee D’Alessandro

I met Judy at the old Pot Hollow clay studio, a workshop at Ghost Ranch. If I remember correctly one of the presenters mentioned something about paper clay and a big question mark came over my head. “paper clay, what is paper clay?” and they indicated that Judy was the paper clay expert and would be coming this afternoon and you can talk to her more about it. Judy came later that afternoon with a big camera around her neck, she was photographing the workshop, that was our first meeting.

Judy has been an inspiration in my life, her knowledge of computers, ceramics, organization, and life has guided me. She is a joy to be around and has helped me grow as an individual and as a Potter. We all thank Judy for all she’s done for this group and we wish her well and always welcome her back. —Leonard Baca

NMPCA is very fortunate to have a volunteer like Judy Nelson-Moore. I was already on the Board when Judy came onboard…. She brought ideas, talent and enthusiasm that has lasted for years. She brought us out of the dark ages: She created our website. She took our bookkeeping chores from manual to online. She set up our membership/event platform online.  She started our weekly e-blasts.  She helped move our organization from an Albuquerque-centric membership to a thriving statewide organization. She encouraged us to develop a closer relationship with Ghost Ranch and encouraged financial support of Pot Hollow. She created the Ghost Ranch scholarship program. She created an online collection of historic documents. I could go on and on…. We owe Judy a huge thanks for her ideas, her implementation of new processes and programs, and her continued dedication to NMPCA! Although she is leaving the Board, I’m sure her devotion to NMPCA will continue. Best wishes, Judy, and hello to all from Michigan! —Cricket Appel

Since I have been involved with NMPCA board, and before, Judy has been the heart and soul of the group, the glue that binds us, the guardrail that keeps us on track, and the institutional memory. She will be sorely missed on the board. —Michael Thornton

I first “met” Judy when she taught me how to enter new member data into the NMPCA website. I brought my laptop to her office and we sat side by side. Other times we shared were at Ghost Ranch workshops. In her quiet, focused way, she always managed to surprise. It was hard for me to imagine how such a computer savvy, business minded woman could also be so wildly imaginative and so adept with clay and surface treatment. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors with clay. —Karin Bergh

When I first joined the NMPCA and the Board, Judy was the one person with whom I interacted the most. She was there for me at the beginning to help, and she has always been there for me and everyone. She is one of the most patient people I know, and at the same time can make me laugh at every encounter. Plus, she is a CAT person! —Charlotte Ownby

Judy has been a treasured friend through clay art for years now and I can truly say she is one of a kind! She has been the willing and always dependable foundation for the NMPCA. for years now... our bedrock, our guide, our rudder, our supporter and our cheerleader. She has taken on every conceivable role on the board and helped establish and update our online website presence with her vast computer skills and knowledge, always looking for new, creative but practical ideas to keep us current. She is my respected shero and a treasure to this organization for whom I am most grateful. Cheers to you Judy! —Mary Sharp Davis

I am grateful to know Judy better from working alongside her this past year. Especially it’s her unwavering support of the creative process that has made the most impact on me- she talks and she walks the talk. Grateful for your creative vision and action in the world, Judy NM!—Cirrelda Snider-Bryan

Dear Judy: What an amazing leader and role model you are. I’m here today as a member of the NMPCA because of you and I am where I am with my art career because of your support and encouragement. I believe you have been in every position of the NMPCA, guiding us with your clear vision, generosity, knowledge, passion, perseverance, kindness and patience. Even in hard times you have never failed to participate actively in any of our meetings or activities. Your passion to make the NMPCA thrive for the clay community is invaluable. You, my Friend, will be greatly missed. THANK YOU!!!! —Andrea Pichaida

I have always felt honored to call Judy my friend, even though she has been something to me more powerful to me, a mentor not just in all things clay but also in life. I can’t count the number of things that Judy has taught me. I guess if there was one thing I wanted to say above all it would be thank you for the long reaching impact you have had in my life, my work, and the NMPCA. —Jacquita Beddo

Ghost Ranch is huge in Judy’s life. Long before I met her there more than a decade ago she had been participating in many NMPCA activities at Ghost Ranch. She is more than worthy of having her name at the head of the Ghost Ranch scholarship fund. She has devoted many years to the NMPCA and its programs, many times setting aside her own work in the studio to attend to the needs and growth of the organization. Her dedication and commitment have helped make the NMPCA the vibrant organization it is today.

Judy’s mind is wonderfully fruitful and creative, an honest to goodness artist. For many years I’ve had the privilege of having her in my life; she has been my good friend, mentor, colleague, and collaborator on many ceramic adventures. We first met at a Ghost Ranch work camp where she introduced me to saggar firing, a method I have been happily using ever since. She is always generous in sharing her bountiful knowledge and experience of making art. —Luisa Baldinger

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