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Celebration of Clay 2023

New Mexico Potters and Clay Artists is proud to announce

the Celebration of Clay for 2023 will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico

October 6 through November 19, 2023

Opening Reception is October 6th at 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Gallery Hours  Tue - Sun  11am to 5pm


Link to Gallery Hozho

The Celebration of Clay Returns to Albuquerque. 

The Celebration of Clay, the annual member exhibition features diverse styles of ceramic arts from members all across New Mexico. This annual event is hosted in different cities throughout the state, with the idea of including and welcoming clay enthusiasts from each area.

This year's event occurs during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and will be held at Gallery Ho’zho’, located in the Chaco Hotel, across from the Sawmill Market. We are delighted to be in Gallery Hózhó during this years Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

New Mexico Potters and Clay Artists (NMPCA) gives ceramic artists from around the state the opportunity interact with other clay artists and to display and sell their most accomplished achievements.  These are ‘makers’ who find real joy in seeing and creating three-dimensional clay art.  The variety of ceramic art is astounding; from small teacups and other beautiful functional items, to large clay sculpture designed for outdoor experience or animate our indoor spaces.     

Our website features the work of our past exhibitions and please visit Gallery Ho’zho and enjoy the work in person!  As you know walking among art, especially ceramic art; gives you an experience that delights the soul.      


Awards will be announced at the reception on October 6th by the Award jury.

- Best of Show:  $250

- Beauty  Quality  Functionality Award: Sponsored by: the 'Arita, Japan Student Association at UNM': $100

- Coyote Clay Award, best use or most interesting use of fired color: $100

- Three Merit Awards: $100 each


Call for Entries - Registration is full and has been closed. 

As a member of New Mexico Potters & Clay Artists, you are invited to participate in our annual Celebration of Clay exhibit. Consider sharing a creation with your clay community. May you be inspired by this year’s theme: 

Celebration of Clay: Inhabited Earth.
Many potters and clay artists take inspiration from working in a medium which is inhabited Clay embodies history as the residue of the collective past. This reduction of the past results in a plastic medium that is inhabited, potent, spontaneous and able to be shaped into new creations.  This exhibition theme promotes this concept.
Entries into the annual Celebration of Clay are accepted in order submitted by members, up to the maximum number of entries that can be accepted into the show. This year, we will be accepting 65 entries. Each member can submit up to two pieces. Not a member of NMPCA?  It is easy to join on our website 

In order to give all members, the opportunity to enter this year’s exhibition, we are having a two week gap between the first registration of work and the second submission.  This will give all members time to enter the show. Registration will be open from August 1st for the first submission and August 15th for the second submission.  A good quality digital image is required at the time of registration.  Please note that this year’s show is during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and guests may  want to take their purchases with them. Smaller work has the advantage for traveling.  This is a selling show so all work must be for sale.  Sold work will be removed prior to the closing of the show. Artists are requested to bring in a replacement piece similar to the piece sold and of the same quality. Artist must transport the replacement work to the gallery promptly (1-4 day from notification of sale) and take the packaging with them.  If Artists elects not to bring a replacement piece, the committee will select new works from the waiting list. There is no extra fee for the replacement piece. Artists must have one replacement piece available. Should the replacement piece sell, then we go to the wait list.

Registration is closed, more details will be announced in the weekly eNews



Entries are also displayed on our website, where we will again feature our interactive People’s Choice Vote.

Show Timeline

Registration opens

August 1st for First Submission

August 15th for Second Submission

Entry Deadline

August 31st

Entry finalized and image submitted

At time of registration

Deliver work to collection points

September 25 – September 29th

Show setup

October 2nd

Show Duration

October 6th through November 19th

Opening Reception and Awards Presentation

October 6th Friday Night Arts Crawl

People's Choice Voting

October 6th through November 19th

Take down exhibit, repacking work

November 20th

Pick up entries from collection points

November 27th – 30th from collection points


Works in this show must not have been shown in any previous NMPCA exhibition.  All work must have an accurate digital image representation. No works may be substituted. 

Size of work must fit within an 18” square base and be 36” or less in height. The weight should not exceed 35 pounds.   

Wall pieces are invited and must be submitted with secure hanging method and accompanied by hardware. Weight not to exceed 25 pounds for any one element.

Works which exceed these specifications must be cleared by the committee prior to submission so as not to forfeit your registration fee. If you have questions regarding eligibility, contact the COC committee.


The fee structure for the show is 65% for NMPCA artist and 35% for Gallery Hózhó. Sales tax is added to the purchase, collected and reported by the gallery.

Artist authorizes the Gallery to give a customary trade discount, which shall not exceed 10% of sales price to be share equally between the artist and the gallery.


Submit your entry by clicking "register" at left. Non-refundable entry fee is $25 per piece or $10 if you are a full-time student. Payment can be made online through our easy and secure online payment system.  

Enter the first entry by selecting registration type "First Entry". Register again, select "Second Entry" for a 2nd piece.  Be sure to follow-through the payment online.  Do this starting August 1st for the first entry and August 15th for the second entry.  Registration closes August 31st or whenever we receive enough registrations to fill the show.  NOTE:  You must have your image ready when you register and it must meet the specifications described below.

On the registration page, enter the following:

1.    The title of the piece

2.    A description: clay, treatment, firing

3.    Outside dimensions expressed in inches H x W x D (height listed first) example: 20” x 6” x 3”  

4.    Price as whole dollars, no cents, example: $200

5.    Click “choose file” to select the image  


A digital image of each entry is required. These will be used for publicity, show setup planning, and People's Choice voting. Images received early in the registration will be considered for use in publicity. Image must be uploaded at the time of registration. The committee reserves the right to reject images or entries not prepared appropriately. If an acceptable image is not received, the work will not be shown and entry fee is forfeited.

Instructions for preparation of image: Post the work against a plain or graduated white/black/gray background.  Your image must be a jpg file, 800 px to maximum 1000 px, not to exceed 1mb in size.  Important: The name of the file should be yourname_title.jpg. No spaces, no punctuation in the file name except the underline used as a separator, example SmithSara_BlueHeron.jpg. If you do not name the file properly, your image may be lost. Be aware that it is extremely difficult to control the name of an uploaded file from a phone or iPad, so please upload the image from your pc or mac computer after you have renamed the file. 

If you are not familiar with how to prepare images: 

Please read our help page for information on using a free tool to prepare the image.  


Because of the prevalence of social media in today's event publicity, we are planning to publish image(s) that you have uploaded as well as your name on Instagram and/or Facebook over the weeks before the show opening. This is important publicity for the benefit of the show as a whole and for advancing your own work. You are also requested to post announcements of the show on your own Facebook and Instagram accounts.  


Gallery Hózhó provides insurance for the work once it is installed at the Gallery up until it is taken down for sale or return to artist. The insurance valuation of the work is 65% of the sales price to a maximum of $3000 ($5000 sales price) per piece. The Artist must provide any additional insurance. Sales prices must be in writing on the Artwork Label and signed by the artist. Artists exhibiting work agree to hold the NMPCA and NMPCA volunteers harmless from any costs or claims arising out of any damages or losses in handling, transporting, packing, and/or unpacking of work. We will do our best to take care of the work.  Gallery Hóhzó reserves the right to reject works they feel are too fragile, unstable or may be unsafe for display.


Please volunteer in order to make this exhibit possible. We need your help. See the confirmation email for special instructions about volunteer jobs. See the details on the task event registration and "register" for the task of your choice. If you absolutely cannot help, we understand and would still like you to participate, but ask that you contribute an extra $35 to help with the exhibition costs.


We will have three collection points to deliver and pick up your work, see time-line.  All work must be boxed and labelled as described in the confirmation email and described in this help article. Please call drop off contact in advance, if outside the set hours. 

Albuq.:  Leonard Baca

Business Printing Service 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

4316 Silver Ave. SE, Albuquerque


Santa Fe: Luisa Baldinger

880 B Chicoma Vista

Santa Fe, NM 87505

505-471-9070 (Call to arrange drop off time)

Taos: Serit Kotowski.

(Contact by email or phone to arrange drop off time).


You must deliver work to one of these locations or ship your work to Business Printing Service to arrive no later than September 20th. Shipped work must include prepaid return shipping label. Label shipped work for Celebration of Clay Exhibition.   

All work, delivered in person to the drop-off points, must be boxed and labelled according to instructions. 

In order to clarify the basic provisions of the show, we have prepared this agreement page. Please read before you submit your entry!

Refunds:  Please refer to our Refund Policy.

Questions?  Contact the Celebration of Clay 2023 committee at email

We call ourselves the NMPCA!

Since 1974

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